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“Psycho” Shanon joined us as an intern over 9 years ago and has been the show Producer for five. Besides keeping the crew in line, she adds her unique point of view – and you either love her or you hate her! We love her.



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  2. I wish I could say something really cool and inspirational, but I don’t really know you, aside from what I read in your blogs, and hear in my short 25 minute commute in the mornings. I do have to give you props though for baring your soul like you do. You reach more people than you realize, and more people care than you realize.

    take care

  3. Pyscho Shanon you are the bomb you tell it like it is! Don’t let life’s hardships put you down you have so much to look foward too. Think of your life being in a different place and see if it would be better or worse without the job you have now or the loved ones in it. If that doesn’t change your view then try something else. I just want you to be happy with who you are! I’m the first to show you some love!

  4. I love Shannon!! She cracks me up!! She is a “call it like she sees it girl” That I admire. Thanks Shannon!! (Did I use exclamation marks too much? Did I even spell that correctly? Oh, well)

  5. I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are going thru a rough time. I love that you feel comfortable enough sharing your live but I feel horrible when things don’t go well. I see you at the bar all the time but I feel weird coming up and saying hi, so just know that you have lots of people who love and support you even though you may not have met them

  6. Shanon you rock. I wish you had your own bit everyday. I would love to hear more of what you had to say about things going on in the world. Your look on things is so real.

  7. Shanon – I LOVE your sarcasm, your wit, and your input on daily topics! You bring nothing but perfection to the show!!! You are awesome!!!

  8. I love shannon…not in a gay prison way….but I love her!!

  9. Didn’t expect your blog to be so “real”.
    Love you on the show, love reading your thoughts.
    It is nice to get a look into the voice.
    It’s great you are so much a part of the show that we get to listen to.

    AND YOU SOOO are in the right about the valet!!!

  10. Hey Shannon Just thought that i would say Hi! I think that your awesome and you know what we both play softball so maybe we have played aginst each other befor that would be crazy. anyways have a great day.

  11. Shanon – I have 3 daughters and would gladly make you one of my bunch. You are absolute precious. I don’t know how much you embellish what you say on air, but if it all is indeed the truth, you are a very brave and strong person to share your problems in public. You’re a beautiful person inside and out (as proven in the KiddyCat Dolls video). Just know that the listeners appreciate your hard work. Much love. (PS – I wanted to be the show mom. I would still be here for you guys!)

  12. Hey…. I have listened to the show long before you were on it. But there was a time I remember that you and this GUY were really serious…. I thought. He gave you flowers for valentines day or something like that. How did we go from that dating guys to ummmm now just being FRIENDS with guys. I think I missed that some where along the way. I don’t ever remember that being discussed on the show. Was there some conversation I missed?
    I used to love when you would sing on the show. Can you get Kidd to let you write your own stuff and sing for us again? I loved that.

  13. Shanon, You are great for the Morning show. What’s your myspace name if you have one? I would like to add you. Send your reply to the email address. Love what y’all do on the morning show.

  14. Hi Shanon! You are awesome…love you and the show! 🙂

  15. you’re cool, and you make me laugh on the show. i liked it when you sang your own songs. keep it up. thanks.

  16. Hey Shanon I am a huge fan and have read all of your bloggin moments and I must say we are alot alike its crazy~scary~crazy but I hate these times in our life when we can’t get passed the akwardness that comes between 16 and 18 years old we maybe in our 20’s but some how there is always 1 thing-person that can take us right back to that moment,it’s then you FUNK out! I hate that sh** worse than N-ETHING but I have never found anyone who reminds me of me(lol)so I am here to let you know it will pass in time as everything eles you have overcome this in time will be another one!!xo~SyLvIa~

  17. Hey, I love the show and you’re my favorite part of it. I wish you were on the air more. Keep being you girl…

  18. Toot, toooot!

  19. Hey, just wanted to say…hang in there! Its tough to be away from someone you really care about and have zero control over the situation.

    Trust me, I know. My best friend was deployed and has been in Iraq for 3 weeks now. Smiles are few and far between for me these days.

    Just try to close your eyes and hang onto those happy memories. Always be thankful for the dance. The pain is existential. Something will eventually work out for you…be it with this relationship, or just moving forward from here.

    Don’t think of it as being in the valley, but rather…you’re just changing mountain tops!

    Good luck to you! 🙂

  20. You Are The Best Ever.
    Shannon Rules

  21. Hey girl! Just wanted say I think you’re the best! Wish there were more pics of you posted on the website…you’re the cutest! Guess I’ll have to check out your myspace! I can’t seem to get in the Christmas groove yet either but hopefully I will soon! Thanks for making laugh every morning! Muah!

  22. whats up! You rock shannon. Its so funny to hear you in the morning giving it hell. Thats what makes my blood run in the morning. Keep up the honesty, after all the world would be a better place if there were more honest people.

  23. Shanon, I justed wanted to say that you are so sexy! If I could have a women, it would be you! Take care and later!

  24. We love you Shanon!

  25. You crack us up!! We love you! Take care.

  26. So I’d give you a nice compliment, but you have an entire page of them. I’ll just say that you’re a cool chick and we love you!!!! We probaly wouldn’t listen to the show if you weren’t on it. I’m sooo lying but YOU are what makes the show.:) We know who does all the work. Keep it up girlie and know that you have a made a tremendous impact in our lives. Take it easy lady with the most beautiful smile ever!!!!:) Oh and so you know, we read your blogs quite often. They are no where near as boring as you think. You’re funny and intregining. And yes, we do care!!!

  27. Shannon
    Your great!! I love your singing bits and your opinions. Keep doing what your doing. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i love the show and the fact that you are so honest and up front. i much rather you be blunt and truthful than not tell it all. also the fact you live your life the way you want and the rest be damned. good for you…………

  29. You don’t get enough credit from the show. You are great Shanon! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! And HOT! =)

  30. Psst! Don’t tell Kidd, but you’re my favorite on the show. I wish I got to hear more from you. I love your voice and all your random comments. You’re awfully cute too! I pray for your continued happiness and well-being. Take care!

  31. You rock Shannon! I love the androgynous 80’s pic you put up. It harkens me back to Early Bowie mixed with a Full House TV reunion. Love ya girl 🙂

  32. Hi, Shannon! I’m currently going through an “L” Word break up (3 yr relationship) & it really sucks! But reading your blogs lets me know that hopefully these dark days will be over soon & I will be able to move on soon & get over it. (HOPEFULLY)

  33. Question for ya….does it bother you when people misspell your name? It annoys me….that people misspell your name….and my own. =) HA HA Laugh a little will ya?

  34. shannon you are so hot

  35. Hey Shannon,

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now, but this is the first time I have commented. I want to say that I really appreciate you candor and courage in providing us all a window into your life. I don’t always agree with your views, but you have a truely amazing ability to be honest and refreshingly unapologetic.

    Keep up the good work! The Kidd Kradick show is better because you are part of it.

  36. You complain too much on the show. You are my least favorite and I like the way Freddy’s hair looks. KIDD YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

  37. Shannon I think you ROCK!!!! I am a big fan of kidd kraddick in the morning,, I love you to death,,I think you do a great job on the show keep up the great work,,

  38. Shannon, I love the show and glad you’re the producer. Keep it going! And yes, You are very hot! Wish I lived in your area…
    Have a great day!

  39. Shannon, you are awesome! You make the show awesome and worth listening to! Oh and your way hot too!

  40. he Shanon how have you all been. I use to listen to the show when i was driving trucks about 5 years ago,now that i’m management at a local hospital, I haven’t had a chance to listen. i was talking to a co-worker and the show came up thanks for being there and keeping it real

  41. I love listening to you in the morning, and I know you get frustrated (at least I would) with the way things happen sometimes, but it’s all part of the show! What would KiddKraddick Live be like without a little on-air drama in the day?? I realized also this morning that I should NOT read Shannon Blogs….. I CRIED:( The Dad one really got to me! Keep on being you chic!

  42. Hey shannon i want 2 ask u do u watch the l word. And are u goin 2 the melissa eetheridge concert the 15 oof august

  43. Happy Birthday!!!

  44. So, I added you as a friend on Myspace recently, but I have to say I’m not a huge user, so I thought I’d give you a shout on here. Your blogs entertain me at work, so I thank you for that, and you crack me up (wake me up) in the morning on my way to work, therefore I thank you again.

    I see the recent posts about a break-up, and feel myself heading in that direction soon- the worst part about it is that we JUST signed a year lease together, so I get to live with her for a year. Bah.

    Anyway- I just wanted to give you a shout 🙂

  45. hey shannon i LUV your voice! can you like tape yourself saying random thoughts and send it to me so i can listen to it all day long and smile:)…haha jk!
    love the show you guys rock my socks i just wanna live in the studio so we can hang!
    till next time…..

  46. Shannon I’ve been wanting to leave a message on your page for a long time. I have finally come around to doing it and all I can think of to say is I love you! Only if we lived closer, I would so marry you. Regardless of your preference! Thanks for making my days that much better!

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